No Croutons Required - November Roundup of Soups and Salads

Welcome to the No Croutons Required roundup of vegetarian soups and salads for November 2014. Thanks as always to those fellow bloggers who took the time to share a recipe with us. Settle in an have a look at these lovely creations. We have 21 recipes to share this month from fellow bloggers.

bean and barley salad
Recipe: Autumn Bean and Barley Soup

Chef: Deepika
Blog: My Life and Spice
Location: USA

Legumes and grains fit together like a nourishing glove on cold fingers. Our first submission combines earthy barley, navy beans and lentils, complete with squash, carrots, spinach, and some Italian seasoning. You will not miss the tarka in this balanced dish, and if you have children, give this a try.

cauliflower and quinoa salad
Recipe: Indian-Inspired Roasted Cauliflower & Quinoa Salad

Chef: Janet
Blog: The Taste Space
Location: Canada

It is too early to be thinking about snow, but this is Canada after all. This Indian-inspired dish with roasted cauliflower, quinoa and coconut with some sweetness from seasonal apples and raisins is just the sort of dish to cheer up shivering bodies with a lovely blend of flavors and textures. To top it all off, Janet drizzled this highly nourishing salad with a curried maple tahini dressing.

edamame mushroom salad
Recipe: Edamame, Cucumber and Shitaki Mushroom Salad

Chef: Erica
Blog: Healthy Life Lessons
Location: Canada

Anything that features mushrooms gets my attention and it's good to know that mushrooms not only taste good but they are full of nutritional benefits too. Here shitaki mushrooms come together in a salad with cucumber and edamame. This delightful bowl is then dressed with sesame oil, tamari and rice vinegar.

pumpkin soup
Recipe: Winter Squash Veloute with Chipotle Lime Roasted Seeds and Apple

Chef: Nazima
Blog: Franglais Kitchen
Location: UK

I may not like winter, but I do adore winter squash. Here we have a beautiful creamy soup, described as "crunchy, sweet and spicy, hot and cold. All at the same time." The roasted seeds with lime juice, chipotle chili paste, a bit of sweetener and sea salt make for an especially elegant garnish, along with matchsticks of fresh apple and some coconut cream. Served in glasses, this soup with certainly impress your guests.

cauliflower paneer soup
Recipe: Cauliflower and Paneer Soup

Chef: Niki
Blog: Spices and Slices
Location: UK

While I often enjoy vegan dinners, paneer is one cheese that I find hard to resist. Here succulent chunks of this mild and versatile fresh cheese shines in a spicy broth with tomatoes, cauliflower, sweet corn and butter beans. I am sure that I would be having seconds. Even those that don't normally cook with paneer would be sure to enjoy this nourishing bowl of goodness.

spicy pumpkin soup
Recipe: Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Chef: Caroline
Blog: Caroline Makes
Location: UK

One of the comforts of autumn is surely pumpkin, and adding it to a soup and spicing it up with some complimentary pumpkin spices is certainly a fine way to serve it up. Caroline suggests playing around with the spicing used to make the soup more interesting, such as adding paprika and some curry powder. Or you can keep it simple, garnished with a dollop of yogurt or cream. Either way, I am sure it was delicious.

curried neep and carrot soup
Recipe: Curried Neep and Carrot Soup

Chef: Elizabeth
Blog: Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary
Location: UK

Elizabeth had some extra neeps — what we call turnips here in Canada — on hand that needed using, so she made this lovely soup that was enjoyed and provided warming after a bonfire night. In addition to neeps and some spices, carrots and ginger make their way into the soup pot. Wholesome and surely a bowl that will "warm your cockles", it's served up with a garnish of crispy fried onion and it comes together in hardly anytime at all.

fig salad
Recipe: Fig Salad Dressed with Balsamic Dressing

Chef: Lisa
Blog: Lisa's Kitchen
Location: Canada

Although figs are not in season right now, I had a craving and was able to find some to make a stunning salad that was just bursting with flavor. The salad makes for an impressive presentation at the table and it's actually easy to prepare with bold contrasts in color, texture and flavor with soft sweet figs, crunchy radicchio and toasted walnuts, and tender leaves of sweet basil and peppery watercress dressed in a robust herbed balsamic vinaigrette. If figs can be found, make it anytime of year.

easy winter vegetable soup
Recipe: Easy Winter Vegetable Soup

Chef: Ren
Blog: Ren Behan
Location: UK

What better way to keep illness away than with pots of soups, stews, smoothies and raw preparations? Here we have an elegant frothy soup that was prepared in a handsome looking power blender. Onion, carrots, potato, cabbage, celery along with tomatoes, stock and seasonings are a perfect combination. The vegetables are slightly cooked, poured in the blender and then this silky soup is ready to serve.

curried pumpkin soup
Recipe: Curried Pumpkin Soup

Chef: Camilla
Blog: Fab Food 4 All
Location: UK

Waste not want not indeed, especially during pumpkin season. This gorgeous soup features leftover pumpkin, carrots, potatoes, curry paste, stock and coconut milk for some extra creaminess. After blending, the bowls are garnished with chives and pretty carrot slices. I'm sure everyone at the table would be satisfied and, of course, it's good for you too.

chinese style tomato soup
Recipe: Chinese-Style Tomato Soup

Chef: Linsy
Blog: Home Cook Food
Location: USA

Linsy made her soup to go along with a grilled chili cheese sandwich which she served for a satisfying and filling lunch. The soup features tomatoes along with garlic, onion, soy sauce, hot chili garlic sauce and a bit of sweetness. Tomato soup is always a comfort and a popular lunch choice but this spread could just as easily be served for dinner.

carrot and coriander soup
Recipe: Carrot and Coriander Soup

Chef: Paul
Blog: Paul's Food World
Location: UK

Just like most of us living in colder climates, soup is often something on the menu, especially when late autumn portends the onslaught of winter. An additional bonus is that this soup is easy to prepare and can easily be reheated for lunch and for dinner the next day. Soup usually does taste better the day after preparation and I am sure this warming soup featuring carrots, onions, celery, a nice kick from some spices and fresh coriander would easily be enjoyed for a few days.

potato and leek mushroom soup
Recipe: Potato and Leek Soup with Mushrooms

Chef: Michela
Blog: From Italy with Food
Location: Italy

Next up we have another easy and warming soup that is certainly necessary for this time of year. Potatoes, leeks and earthy mushrooms are simmered with broth and white wine, then whizzed together and garnished with some additional fried crispy mushrooms and a bit of olive oil. This elegant yet hearty soup is an ideal meal to end the day.

red salad
Recipe: Red Camargue Rice Salad

Chef: Shaheen
Blog: Allotment2Kitchen
Location: UK

Next up is a lovely salad with red camargue rice that is described as having a texture between white and brown rice. Tossed with some roasted butternut squash and red peppers and some fresh tomatoes, there was even some leftover for Shaheen to take for lunch the next day. Salads are delicious any time of year and this one is bursting with color and flavor.

red pepper soup
Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic Soup

Chef: Linzi
Blog: Lancashire Food
Location: UK

Luscious soup is up next for the offering. I couldn't resist this lovely soup with roasted red pointed peppers and roasted garlic brushed with fresh rosemary and thyme and then turned into a soup with onion and potato. Whiz it all together and garnish with crème fraîche or yogurt if you please.

tomato soup
Recipe: Tomato and Basil Soup with Cheese Toasts

Chef: Michelle
Blog: Utterly Scrummy Food For Families
Location: UK

This impressive soup was made by an 11 year old and I am sure it was delicious. She even took the photos. In this bowl we have tomatoes, onion, garlic, tomatoes, veggie stock and fresh basil. Blend it all up, top with more basil and serve with cheese toast. This is not only an economical meal but one that would certainly be welcomed on my table.

pea soup
Recipe: Pea and Coriander Soup

Chef: Louisa
Blog: Eat Your Veg
Location: UK

Cheese toasts make an appearance again with this nourishing soup. If you are looking for a quick mid-week meal, this is surely one to pay attention to. Simply sauté onion and garlic, pour in some vegetable stock and peas, along with a generous pinch of black pepper. Remove from the heat, add fresh coriander, blend it all up and serve.

kale salad
Recipe: Kale, Roasted Cranberry & Smoked Almond Salad

Chef: Laura
Blog: How to Cook Good Food
Location: UK

When it comes to kale, I'm certainly on the side of those in favor. I adore the thick earthy texture of the leaves and stalk and in this salad it shines with a special twist that even those skeptical of kale could not resist trying. An ideal winter salad, kale is mingled a with a honey mustard dressing and then topped with roasted cranberries, dried cranberries, smoked almonds and pomegranates. How festive is that?

strawberry salad
Recipe: Strawberry, Feta and Sugared Pecan Salad

Chef: Alise
Blog: The Ranch Kitchen
Location: USA

Here is another lovely salad that is especially suited for special occasions. This sweet and vibrant salad features ripe strawberries, fresh salad greens and sugared pecans. This layered salad with delicious herbed feta cheese is dressed with a raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette. Feel free to use cherry tomatoes instead of the strawberries if desired.

brussels salad
Recipe: Brussels Sprout and Red Cabbage Slaw

Chef: Vanesther
Blog: Bangers and Mash
Location: UK

I too enjoy Brussels sprouts all year long and as it turns out, so do Vanesther's children. Again, we have a salad that is especially suited to festive occasions, though I would enjoy it any month of the year. Brussels, cabbage, cranberries, nuts and seeds are tossed together and then dressed with yoghurt, mayonnaise and pomegranate molasses, and seasoning. Easy to prepare and another one salad sure to impress the diners at the table.

Recipe: Spinach, Watercress, Celery and Pea Pottage

Chef: Dominic
Blog: Belleau Kitchen
Location: UK

Our final submission is a wonderfully warming soup that comes together in 30 minutes. Infinitely comforting, this chunky soup with onion, celery, potatoes, fennel, spinach, watercress, some simple seasoning and plump green peas served with some buttered crusty bread is all you need for a proper and particularly satisfying cold evening meal. All this green green goodness has me craving a bowl.

And that concludes the November 2014 roundup of soups and salads. Jacqueline with be hosting the December edition, so be sure to visit Tinned Tomatoes to see the announcement.


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