No Croutons Required - Corn

The challenge for September was to come up with a soup or salad featuring corn. If you enjoy this staple vegetable, you will be delighted with the entries we received this month. Of course, it will be difficult to pick a favorite, but please do vote for your favorite entry via email, or leave a comment. Do note that my submission is not eligible for voting.

Our first entry comes from Cathy of What Would Cathy Eat? She offers up this delicious summer Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad. Cathy quotes Da Vinci, noting that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". This easy to prepare salad is made up of raw sweet corn, tomatoes, red onion, lemon juice and olive oil. Simply toss it all together. How easy is that? (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

Next up is Sadie of So Many Veggies, So Little Time with this tempting Smokey Corn Chowder with Sweet Potatoes and Baby Spinach. Sadie used corn cobs to make a stock for this chowder that consists of corn, onion, carrots, sweet potato, potato, red pepper, a dash of creole seasoning, black pepper, cornstarch, milk, gouda cheese, spinach and some smoke flavoring. Such a healthy bowl of nutrients, and you can throw in any veggies you happen to have on hand. (Deep South, USA)

Aine of Pea Soup Eats submits this tried and tested Sweetcorn Chowder that has become a staple in her kitchen. Blended together are sweetcorn, onion, cumin, milk and salt and pepper to taste. This versatile recipe is sure to please the pickiest of eaters, including children. Garnish with parsley or some finely chopped onion if desired. (UK)

Mango Cheeks of Allotment 2 Kitchen serves up this mouthwatering Spiced Tamarind (Imli) Corn Soup that brings back fond childhood memories. Sweet corn, onion, romano pepper, cumin, coriander, chili powder, tamarind, and vegetable stock are pureed for a burst of flavour. This certainly would be enjoyable with some cornbread. (West of Scotland, UK)

Vanessa of Sweet Artichoke contributes an inventive and exciting Corn & Saffron Capuccino. Corn is combined with urad dal, cream, espelette chili, veggie stock and then garnished with saffron infused in cream. What a lovely dish to serve your guests or to just indulge in on your own. Vanessa notes you can replace the urad dal with potatoes, though I am especially smitten with the idea of urad dal in this dish. (Switzerland)

Megha of Live to Eat weighs in with this recipe for Mixed Baby Corn and Cinnamon Salad. Crunchy baby corn is tossed with sprouted beans, gherkins, green olives, tomatoes, celery, cinnamon, basil, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Megha loves corn and this is certainly a salad that would fill out a meal and it is easy to prepare too. (India)

Denise of Oh Taste n See enters the fray with this spicy and warming Chipotle Corn Tomato Soup. How could I resist this blended combination of corn, onion, carrot, garlic, stewed tomatoes, chipotle chilies, Adobo sauce, turmeric, paprika, thyme, oregano, tomato paste and milk. (Seattle, USA)

Our next entry is from Akheela, who blogs at Torviewtoronto. This most tantalizing Corn and Vegetable Salad includes corn (grilled or boiled), onion, tomatoes, red pepper, mushrooms and salt and pepper to taste. For a variation, you might want to consider adding other vegetables or fruit, such as avocado. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Satyasree of Super Yummy Recipes is up next with her Sweet Corn Bell Pepper Soup. This creamy and healthy soup is sweet and just plain good for you. This smokey soup is made up of sweet corn, bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, milk, corn flour, pepper, parsley, and a wee bit of sugar. Such a lovely Autumn soup. (Minneapolis , MN, USA)

Tanvi of Sinfully Spicy cooks up this amazing Grilled Corn Salad with Cilantro-Tamarind Dressing. This most satisfying salad is made up of husked grilled white corn, ripe avocado, sliced roma tomatoes, red onion, lettuce and dressed with olive oil, lime zest, tamarind, chili powder, a bit of sugar, cumin, coriander, salt and black pepper. A perfect accompaniment to any meal if you want to spice it up a bit. (Las Vegas NV, USA)

Our next entry is courtesy of Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf with her fine Curried Corn Salad. Fire roasted corn is tossed with bell pepper, red onion, tomatoes. Add lemon juice, chili powder and curry powder and garnish with cilantro or parsley for a most appetizing soup. Chat masala would also be nice alternative to curry powder. (Bangalore, India)

My dear friend Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook cooks up a special Asian inspired Japanese Corn Cream Soup. This comforting bowl of delight would grace any table. Here we have yellow onion, veggie broth, cream, and corn all blended together. Garnish with green onion and/or deep-fried lotus root slices for a real culinary treat. (New York, USA)

I am pulling a favored recipe from the archives this month. This recipe for Tomato Corn Chowder, inspired from a local Mexican restaurant, is made up of onion, garlic, corn, tomato, hot peppers, spices and herbs (cayenne, turmeric, cumin, mustard powder), fresh lemon juice, tomato juice and cream. I could not resist sharing this again. (London, Ontario, Canada)

Jacqueline will be hosting the next edition of No Croutons Required. Check back at the beginning of the month for the theme for October.


Curry Leaf said...

Love the refreshing round up. My vote is for the corn cappuchino.I just can't wait to try it

Johanna GGG said...

lovely round up - I got as far as buying corn and finding some good corn soups but didn't quite make the event - but am taking away some inspiration

bellini valli said...

I am really enjoying browsing through all these delicious corn recipes Lisa. A real seasonal favourite.

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Nice round up of for the first time...


MapMaster said...

I love the taste of fresh corn at this time of year. Mango Cheek's Spiced Tamarind Corn Soup sounds like a great way to do something a little extra with corn.

Nini said...

How nice to start autumn with a brillant competition of soups... I vote for the Corn & Saffron Capuccino, very original!!

Hiba said...

Hi! I vote for Sweet Artichoke's Corn and Saffron Cappucino!

Geeta said...

Ohh brilliant. Your all Recipes are good but I like Tomato Corn. Thank u for posting.