Springpad - A Free Online Organizer

Regular readers may have noticed a new button appearing below my recipes inviting people to "save it."

If the questions "save what?" or"save where?" have popped into your head, the answer is that this button is the path to a new free online personal organizer and recipe collector — Springpad — of which I am pleased to be a part of as springpad officially launches.

The idea behind Springpad is to help people get things done by making it easy to collect, use and share content from bloggers, brand websites and trusted friends on subjects from food to entertainment, parenting and ordinary day-to-day life management. By clicking the "save it" button on one of my recipes, you collect the recipe into your own Springpad organizer. From there, you can add the recipe to your own weekly meal planner, automatically generate a shopping list for the ingredients, personalize the recipe with your own notes and photos, and share with other people. And you can follow my recipes on Springpad here.

Especially easy to use for the home cook, hundreds of food bloggers and thousands of members have already collected and shared more than 50,000 recipes and created more than 15,000 weekly meal plans on Springpad.

I do hope you get a chance to try and enjoy this new organizer. If you are like me, constantly bookmarking recipes, I think you will find this is an easy and convenient way to keep your collection all in one place.

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Matt said...

Hi Lisa,

Everyone at springpad is excited to be working with you. Please let us know if you or your readers have any feedback. We are always looking to improve!