Fresh Kamut Flour and Tibetan Campa

One of my favorite food events is Tried and Tasted, started by lovely Zlamushka. Due to time constraints, she has passed the reigns onto Lakshmi of Kitchen Chronicles.

Every month a blog is featured and cooks are encouraged to cook something from the archives and post about it. The founder of the event is the featured blog for this month. There are so many of Zu's recipes that I wished to try, but I finally settled on this Tibetan recipe, as Tibetan cuisine is something I have never experimented with, and I was completely smitten by the idea of using freshly ground flour. Instead of whole wheat berries, I used kamut berries and soaked them overnight, but otherwise I essentially followed the recipe that you can find here. Certainly a unique treat that can be served with a variety of vegetable dishes. I included these delightful little balls with an Indian chili. I am thinking these would be lovely baked in the oven for a short while and they were even better after a chill in the fridge. The flour can be sprinkled on a variety of dishes for some extra crunch as Zlamushka suggests.
Fresh Kamut Flour and Tibetan Campa

To make the fresh flour:

1 cup of whole wheat berries or kamut berries, soaked overnight and then air dried

For the Tibetan campa:

black tea
sea salt
ghee or oil

Begin by making the flour. Dry roast the kamut in a heavy pan over medium heat for roughly 5 minutes, until it darkens a few shades, stirring occasionally. Be sure not to overcook.

Let cool for a bit and then grind to your desired consistency in a coffee grinder.

Combine the flour with a splash of black tea and oil and sea salt. You will want a firm dough, so gradually add the tea and oil. Roll into balls and serve with your favorite vegetable dish or bean dish. I served mine with a spicy chili.

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Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal said...

They sure look lovely Lisa :)

I too have never tried Tibetan food, so may be it is next for me :)

MapMaster said...

Tibetan food is certainly something I've never come across before. These seem very earthy and healthy.

Apu said...

These look interesting!! Tibetan food is a big draw here - we have a few excellent restaurants.

eatme_delicious said...

Wow I've never seen anything like this!! Very intriguing.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I order kamut flour from and I just can't wait to try your recipe.

Thank you very much, because after viewing the White House organic garden I decided to go organic.If you are on a budget check out it is stressless.

zlamushka said...

Hi Lisa,

Campa looks fantastic, I hope you liked it and it wasnt too "weird" :-) thank you so much in participating, I am humbled :-)