Plagiarism Alert

Earlier this morning, a comment was left on my blog alerting me to the fact that my pictures and posts were being reproduced without my permission at When I first went to investigate, a link to my website wasn't even provided. Later on, a message appeared at the bottom of each post indicating it is part of an auto search RSS feed. My pictures had also been lifted and used to decorate their front page. I don't really have a problem with websites linking to my recipes via an RSS feed, but it is theft to reproduce posts in their entirety without permission. The structure of the site is such that it seems like the content has been generated by the webmaster, or at the very least, like it comes from willing contributors. Other bloggers might wish to take note, as my site is not the only one being pillaged for material.

Plagiarism is unfortunately a common occurrence in the blogosphere. To have someone lift the fruits of your unpaid labor for their own gain, the content you work so hard to provide to your readers free of charge, is simply odious. So angered am I that I am led to reconsider my efforts here.

I left a comment asking that my material be removed from their website. Fortunately, it appears as if the owner(s) of the site have complied. If material from your website is appearing there, you may wish to do the same.


Ricki said...

The same thing happened to me (more than once) with a site that supposedly has something to do with pharmacies. Entire posts, no acknowledgement. Unfortunately, that site disabled comments and has no email contact, so I couldn't tell them to take the posts down.

I agree that such sites are totally heinous. I love your copyright line at the end of the post (though it appears to be gone, now?)--am thinking I'll do the same from now on!

And I tried to find easyfastfood and it seems the site is no longer working--I got an error message from Internet Explorer.

Lisa said...

Ricki, I too noticed the site doesn't appear to be working anymore. Perhaps they realized what they were doing was stealing content, or maybe their host shut them down.

My copyright note at the end of the feeds should still be appearing - I think?

maybelle's mom said...

I had the same problem with that site and I left them a comment too. great that it is down now.

jasmine said...

It's a horrid fact of life--there are some who believe that because we make our work available publicly, it's available for them to do with whatever they want.

A *legitimate* company stole some of my posts and my food images for their marketing campaign--had to send them a very firm note. They took my content down, but went on to steal from other bloggers. The company no longer exists.

I also contributed to shutting down a site which scraped my content. They took the obituary I wrote for Michael, and used keywords to drive people to them and made money off the ads. I contacted the ad aggregator who, I assume pulled the ad contract. Without a revenue stream coming in, there's no point of keeping the site up.

I just checked the site you mentioned and I can't get it to load...hopefully someone has gotten to the ISP and pulled the site.


Lisa said...

Such shameless behavior! Hijacking your touching obituary to your loved one for their own illegitimate gain. It angers me.

Voluntary power in numbers is the answer.

zenpawn said...

Your copyright notice still appears, at least at, where I found this post in full.

Holler said...

Hi Lisa, that is dreadful! I have been lucky enough not to be blighted by this yet, athough that could just mean that I haven't stumbled across it yet. I had a look and I am afraid to say that site is still up and running, but their ads seem to be defunct.

Please what every you do, don't let this spoil everything for you. A lot of people would be very uspet if you didn't post all your gorgeous recipes.

Niki Turner said...


I love coming here and reading all your posts, so much so that I am still a vegetarian a year later, thanks to all your lovely receipes.
I would be lost if you stopped posting and it would be a shame for so many of us that read and make your lovely food.

I would be mad at these people too, make no mistake!!!! but some people just don't have the creative ability so they just steal others ideas. There isn't much fun in that and taking credit for other peoples hard work shows quite a weak character, maybe they are more to be pitied.

Thanks again for your lovely recipes that you share and don't let anyone spoil it for you as I can tell you put so much love and hard work into every recipe you ever post up here :-)

kind regards

Lisa said...

Holler, you are a sweetie. Thanks for your encouragement.

Niki, you are probably one of my most faithful readers. Thank you. I was really mad yesterday when I wrote this post. I won't stop posting recipes yet! Take care.

Ivy said...

Lisa, I am so sorry you had to go through this. I've read other bloggers had the same problems. It seems that they steel the content to make money out of the ads. At least they complied with your request.
I don't believe it. I just checked the url you gave and they have a recipe The Beijing Beef, from another friend, which I have to warn right now. Lisa, if he needs help can I tell him to contact you?

Lisa said...


Of course your friend may contact me, though I would advise him to do just as I did, which is to leave a comment asking the webmaster to remove his content.

Ivy said...

Thanks Lisa.

Luke Berndt said...

Hi Lisa, I am over at and they are scrapping my content too. I tried sending an email to their ISP and the service they are using to protect their WHOIS information. Hopefully something will happen.

Jackie V said...

They also took my stuff. I asked them to remove it also.

Jackie V

Kevin said...

Thanks for the heads up!