South Indian-Style Quinoa with Potato, Pumpkin and Tamarind

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quinoa, potato and pumpkin

I've been eating quinoa longer than most people I know knew how to pronounce it. Now that it's trendy, it's more expensive, but I still enjoy eating and sharing ideas for it. It really is almost the perfect grain for both taste and nutrition.

And while quinoa is not a staple of south Indian cooking, that's no reason not to pair its light nutty taste with the hot and tangy tamarind, coconut and spice flavors of the region. I will try almost anything with south Indian ingredients, for that matter! This dish combines quinoa, pumpkin, potato and peas with some of the classic south Indian flavors as well as some not-so-classic ingredients for a rich, hearty, zesty and flavorful side dish that nourishes not only the body but delights the soul.

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Gluten-Free Applesauce Raisin Muffins

vegan applesauce raisin muffins

I tend to eat small amounts throughout the day as opposed to large meals, so it's important for me to have quick solutions for breakfast and snacks. Muffins are always ideal to have on hand, especially when they are packed with protein and fiber like these cinnamon applesauce muffins with plump raisins. Eggless and made with chickpea flour, the muffins are suitable for those following gluten-free and vegan diets. Not that you have to be either vegan nor gluten-free to enjoy one or two. I could hardly wait for them to cool before I started to nibble. A little denser than muffins made with gluten flours, they are nonetheless soft and moist, with a bit of chewiness from the raisins and a slightly crisp exterior. Filling and satisfying if the urge to overindulge is resisted. My husband had two as part of his breakfast.
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Eggplant in a Tahini Mustard Sauce

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eggplant in a tahini mustard sauce

Eggplant has recently become an treasured component of my meals, especially when they feature in a curry. Though eggplant doesn't have a lot of flavor on its own, it is a remarkable vegetable that not only adds texture but soaks up all of the goodness of the seasonings present in the dish it stars in.

I also happen to be a mustard fan, and I was immediately enchanted when I came across this idea for an eggplant side from Soma. As usual, I have adapted things to my own preferences, but the nod goes to Soma nonetheless.

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My Legume Love Affair - #79

I am here with 79th edition of My Legume Love Affair, albeit a bit late. As many readers will know, this event has been going strong since 2008. Started by lovely Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook, I have now been the administrator of this event since 2013. This month I was the host. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share a recipe and continued thanks to all of the other bloggers that help to make this monthly event a success. In my opinion, you can never get enough ideas for legumes. They are especially a staple for vegetarians. So onto the entries.


from Priya of Enveetu Kitchen. Priya says she normally makes this kali with moong dal and rice, but this time she used millet instead of the rice. This sweet dessert is certainly a dish to celebrate with.

beetroot salad with whole grains

courtesy of Sarah of Maison Cupcake. I've yet to try freekeh, but I just know I would enjoy it, especially when combined with kidney beans, quinoa, beets, cabbage and haloumi.

from lovely Siri of Cooking with Siri. Black eyed peas go oh so well with coconut milk, spices and tomatoes. I make a very similar version of this dish and it never fails to disappoint.

submitted by Jen of Chardonnay and Samphire. Beets are a favorite of mine, as are chickpeas, and here they come together in a delightful ginger dressing.

drumstick sambar

is my contribution this month. Drumstick is a relatively new vegetable to me, but I adore it so, especially in sambars with some seared eggplant to embellish this nourishing dish also featuring toor dal and tamarind to make quite a nourishing and satisfying meal.

mung dal with spinach

from Janet of The Taste Space. Moong dal with delightful spices, tomatoes and greens is something not to be resisted. Comfort in a bowl for sure and just the sort of dish to warm us up during these cold days.

chole pulav

kindly submitted by Linsy of Home Cook Food. Wanting to come up with something new, this delightful chickpea dish with broken wheat, tomato and chole masala and lots of other warming spices was just right, especially when combined with a tomato onion salad.

Moong Dal Khichdi

from Rosh of Chef Al Dente. What's not to like about this combination of moong dal, onion, tomato and heavenly spices? One pot meals such as this are not only easy to make but are especially satisfying and nourishing.

turtle bean chili
from Shaheen of Allotment2Kitchen. This intriguing one pot meal incorporates chocolate, habanero chilies, dried chilies, plenty of spice, some herbs, winter greens, tomatoes and sweet corn in addition to the turtle beans. This is surely a winter warmer.

Chickpea Minestrone
courtesy of Supriya of Queen of my Kitchen. Another winter warmer, featuring my favorite legume, along with pasta, veggies, tomatoes and lots of delightful herbs.

whole brown lentils
submitted by Raksha of Raksha's Kitchen. This Goan recipe with brown lentils, coconut, tamarind, potato and lovely spicing is surely one that should be a staple in our kitchens.

vegan quiche
submitted from Johanna of Green Gourmet Giraffe. If you aren't keen on eggs but want a stunning quiche with lots of vegetables complete with tofu and besan, than this is the recipe for you. Complex and satisfying, no eggs or dairy are needed at all.

rainbow salad
from Manpreet of Healthy Eats for All. This lovely salad featuring black eyed peas, barley and vegetables is a powerhouse of nutrients and all you would need for a balanced and satisfying meal.

dal makhani
from Sadhna of Herbs, Spices and Tradition. This whole black lentil curry is a classic North Indian dish with aromatic spicing and plenty of protein. It is surely a favorite to make in my kitchen and one of my husband's favorites.

Millet Peas Upma
submitted by Kp Ks of Myriad Musings. I've always said that millet is a grain that should appear on our tables more often, and here it shines with peas, coconut, split dal and spices. Easy and certainly an enjoyable meal.

green soup
from Kalinda of Wheat-Free, Meat-Free. Soup is always a wonderful way to eat your greens and here we have mung beans, green pepper, endive and lovely spices and herbs. Another dish that is ideal for the winter months.

Paruppu Poli
submitted by Preeti of Write Food. I've a weakness for savory Indian flat breads and this one with channa dal, some sugar, saffron and cardamon would be sure to please my palate.

And this concludes the MLLA January roundup for 2015. Shaheen is kindly hosting for February. Be sure to send in your favorite legume recipe for the month. Details are here.