Miso Noodle Soup with Mixed Vegetables and Paneer

miso vegetable soup

Asian and Indian flavors come together here for one nourishing and stunning bowl of soup. White shiro miso nestles up with tender plump golden brown cubes of fried paneer cheese and loads of vegetables — snap peas, mushrooms, bean sprouts, red pepper, corn and kale. To fill it out even further, rice noodles make an appearance for an extra creamy bowl of bliss. My husband asked if I used coconut milk here, but it wasn't even necessary, as much as I adore adding coconut to soups and grains.

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Raw Peanut Butter Truffles

peanut butter truffles

Raw and healthy homemade treats are pretty much a staple in my house these days. Sometimes you want a sweet that is satisfying, without the guilt, and these little truffles certainly fall into that category. They come together in hardly anytime at all, and with a bit of patience, as they are best chilled in the fridge before serving, these little bites will provide a nice dose of protein and most importantly, satisfaction to the palate. Decadence in this case is good for you.

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Chickpea Quinoa Pumpkin Burgers

chickpea pumpkin burgers

Holidays are a low key affair with me, and although they are often an opportunity to celebrate with more elaborate food spreads, I really need no excuse to fuss around in the kitchen for hours to create unique and special meals. This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada and I went with something easy, preferring not to spend too much time cooking, but as humble as these little burgers might sound, they are actually an exquisite way to celebrate pumpkin season with the company of friends. Just because.

chickpea quinoa pumpkin burgers

Packed full of protein, these spicy patties with a moist and meaty texture are a perfect vegetarian substitute when the craving for a "burger" hits. Chickpeas provide the base and the addition of quinoa and tahini adds a pleasant undertone of nuttiness to accompany the sweet pumpkin. The mingling of flavors is hard to resist, as is the fragrance that fills the kitchen while they are baking, and an experience your palate won't soon forget. Yes, they are that good.

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Indian Mung Bean and Toor Dal Soup

Visit the Indian Food Glossary for information on the ingredients in this recipe
mung bean toor dal soup

Sometimes a simple legume soup with loads of ginger and warming spices is just what is needed, especially when one is cold and has a tender tummy. The pictures really don't do this soup justice, but a glance at the ingredients ought to portray an idea of the goodness within. It's an easy soup to prepare and is made up with staples most cooks familiar with Indian food will likely have on hand at any given time. The addition of coconut milk adds a pleasant creaminess to the soup that tempers the spices somewhat and fills out the legumes. Earthy whole mung beans and toor dal are a match made in heaven.

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